Internet Of Things Implications

The internet is made up of a massive network that is able to communicate due to being made up of billions of devices that can all communicate to each other.Almost every type of modern device can connect to the internet and can access information at anytime.

This type of constant connection to the internet is a great convenience however it does come with a few challenges and problems.

One of the main concerns is internet security:
Many people use the internet to target other people in order to try obtain information about the person for a large variety of different reasons. The main ones being banking details in order to steal the persons money as well as identity in order to sell and obtain information for other reasons. This has led to a wide variety of different types of malware and viruses. It is important to take the necessary measures of installing anti-virus software in order to prevent these harmful malicious programs from obtaining information and infecting your device.

Another concern is privacy:
There is no privacy on the internet. What ever is uploaded on it stays there and can be viewed by anyone. Sites such as facebook provide location information about its users. this can be dangerous as it allows almost anyone to check up where you live , your school and sometimes even your current location if a user uses the “checked in ” option.

Social implication issues:
Social media and social interactions online are all public. although some sites state that your information is private , the site staff and developers have access to it and therfore it is never truly ever private. sites can be hacked and data can be stolen. There are a large variety of social issues that can arise such as : Bullying , harassment and stalking which can be very dangerous.

Overall the internet of things is a benefit to modern society as it provides endless amounts of information however in order to use it efficiently and safely , some necessary steps and precautions will need to be taken.


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