Socio-Economic Effects of Technology on Modern Society

Technology has provided society with a wide range of benefits. it has enabled us to work faster and more efficiently. it has provided us with new methods of accomplishing certain tasks and situations and allows us to live easier lives. However, technology has also brought a variety of different socio-economic issues aswell.

Technology has made communication easier. we can communicate to people from across the world and it is instant. This has allowed us to use services such as instant message and live video chats. We can communicate with people with out even being physically present in the same room as them. This however has made us lazy and many people now resort to online communication instead of face to face communication. this is leading to a variety of different problems such as people becoming socially inept. People are slowly losing the ability to communicate face to face and this is making physical communication quite the rarity, especially in the workplace. Technology is also taking a large sector of todays workforce and has been taking over many different types of jobs that were once done by people. this has led to many people losing their jobs and becoming unemployed as their sector of work is predominantly taken over by better and more efficient technology.

Society however generally adapts to these technological changes and new job opportunities open up based on newer technology ideas or advances that allow for the creation of new jobs ( eg: machine takes over car manufacturer sector, opens up an opportunity for a machine mechanic etc).

Overall technology is still way more beneficial to society than detrimental. it offers so much more than what humans can do on their own with their natural abilities. Technology provides a means to an end and can overcome almost any issue that arises and needs to be beaten.


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