POE Question 7

The top 5 cyber security risks for South Africa in 2015 were:

  • Ransomware – Infects a computer and restricts the user’s access to it and will only unlock the computer once the user pays the program to unlock it.
  • Internet of things – With so many devices and social media accounts being connected, the risk of personal information being leaked is very high. This leads to crimes such as identity theft.
  • Cyber-espionage – When governments steal information in order to monitor or discover hidden plots etc.
  • Cyber theft – The process where financial information is stolen ( credit card details ).
  • Hacking – Hackers are able to obtain user passwords and therefore are able to access all their accounts that make use of that password.

The easiest way these security risks are distributed is through the use of email and other forms of scam sites. The best method to prevent this from happening is to always check you are contacting the correct email address and that websites have the correct web certificate. Ensure that your passwords are all different for each account and that they are all strong and contain both letters and numbers. Refrain from giving out too much information in surveys and questions asked by companies. As a last resort, ensure that your systems and devices all have some sort of anti-virus software that will remove any potential threats that manage to get their way past the user.hackingRansomware.jpg


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