The social economy: Unlocking value through social technologies (POE Question 3)

Social Technologies:


  • Constant contact: Social technologies allows for communication to take place 24/7 from all over the world. This means individuals, businesses and communities can always remain in contact with each other and can always communicate both within their selective group or even each other.
  • Feedback: social technologies allow business to receive feedback from their customers as it allows customers to contact the business through the use of the social technology.
  • Information: Social technologies allow for the sharing of data and information. Users are able to send and receive messages and are able to obtain information from other people.
  • Organisation: Social technologies allow for the creation of groups. Businesses and communities can make use of this feature and will be able  to broadcast certain messages and updates to all members who are a part of the group. This allows for effective organising and planning as well as keeping people informed of any events and important information.
  • Free: Social technologies are usually always free and allow users to make use of the technology without any costs. This allows for almost everybody with a device to make use of the technology and therefore it can be easily adopted to businesses, communities and by individuals as well.


  • Security: Security breaches can occur to businesses, communities and individuals. Information can be hacked into and stolen and business communication can be compromised. individuals run the risk of identity theft and communities run the risk of having sensitive information being leaked.
  • Distraction – Social technologies can be very distracting in a workplace and can result in workers becoming less productive.
  • Cyber Bullying : Social technologies open the doorway to online communication and this allows for users to interact. Some users may take advantage of the technology and use it to bully other users over the internet. This mainly applies to individuals however it can also encourage forms of blackmailing in a workplace environment.
  • Reputation damage : Social technologies can result in bad press. for example if a user complains about the business, the complaint may go viral and this will result in the business gaining a bad reputation/name.
  • Loss of customers: Some of the older generations may not embrace social technologies and this will result in a lack of communication between businesses and communities. This can therefore decrease productivity as older staff members are not aware of any important updates and information


Peter Muir. (2016). Top 10 Risks of Social Media. Available: Last accessed 23 Oct 2016.


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